Let me raise,

just a bit more,

the walls

that guard my beautiful heart,

for I can see,

my emotions in turmoil,

my steady heartbeat

crazily going pitter-patter,

all of a sudden.

Once again, I have sighted,

In the crowd,


who is seemingly driving,

yet blissfully unaware,

all this confusion.

(Image by J R Korpa on Unsplash)

Long have I laboured,

to still the tumultuous ocean

of unruly human emotions,

losing myself in its depths,

near-drowning almost,

and then suddenly, riding headily,

the triumphant crest

of its waves.

Long and arduous,

has been the journey,

to steady these waves,

to learn to dominate myself,

for the health of my heart,

and yet here goes all that labour,

in the face of


who tempts me again.

It is an old and treacherous friend,

this poignant temptation,

pulling me down under,

with promises of untold joys,

new horizons to explore,

inside and out,

passionate moments and heady laughter.

I know it all too well, this old story,

moving along towards the end

to a certain conclusion

of disappointment and false delusion,

the yearning spent,

the flame dying down

to take its place

in my archives

of experiences had,

knowledge gained and wisdom distilled.

Protect myself and my heart,

I must, to survive,

even if there is, strongly felt,

the bitter-sweet seduction

of being consumed.

Resist, I shall not,

for well I know,

it is futile.

Change tactic perhaps,

find more balance and harmony

and so strive to ride,

with more expertise,

these choppy waves

and raise,

just a bit more,

the walls

that guard my faithful heart.

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Tina Saxena

On the joyful, slow and leisurely track, exploring life in its myriads of facets and nuances, dipping into the latest human psychology and ancient scriptures!