Having fun should be an integral part of our daily routines and To Do Lists!

While it is good to have huge, massively inspiring Goals and work on them untiringly, with full commitment, to bring to life our dreams, and watch them come to fruition; while it is good to pursue our Goals with single-minded, efficient and productive focus, and it is good to be on a path of continuous growth and development, it is also good to remember that we remain, at the end of it all, Human Beings and children at heart, who simply long to have fun from time to time!

It is an excellent practice to cultivate the childlike wonder that we are blessed with during our early years while exploring the world and its contents.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

It is essential to have fun with life, to enjoy life to the maximum while going about the ‘serious’ business of making a living and living it well.

Being in the moment, present, mindful and living with intention is one of the surest ways to find inner-peace.

Allowing for intentional moments of sheer unadulterated fun, light-heartedness and laughter are also major contributing factors to finding joy and bliss in the process.

Lockdowns, curfews, restrictions of movement and other necessary precautionary measures which are the norm today, have us all adjusting to changes and/or tweaking our daily routines and way of life.

A lot of us are busy catching up on the things we’d planned on doing at home. Some of us are learning something new to add to our toolkit of skills and capabilities. Besides that…

I’d love to hear about fun ideas, moments of humour and activities to promote stress-busting laughter that we can all incorporate to make life more vibrant while staying safe at home.



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Tina Saxena

On the joyful, slow and leisurely track, exploring life in its myriads of facets and nuances, dipping into the latest human psychology and ancient scriptures!