Change, the only constant

What are your thoughts upon the paradox of the change being the only constant?

We are forever in a fluid state of flux, whether we realise it or not. When we feel stuck, rigid, immovable, it is not so much because of being so, rather it’s a sensation owing to our repeating the same patterns over and over and over again! There is movement, but it isn’t fresh or new or life giving!

Change is inevitable, just like the Seasons or the revolutions of the Earth around the Sun. Each revolution leads to the change in the year and brings the consequences of the Seasons; however, even though cyclic, each changing season is different, if we pay attention to the nuances.

We can learn to not only accept but also fully embrace the inevitability of change. We can lean into the constancy of change and become one with the progressive flow of it.

Sometimes, we find ourselves resistant to change. We like being who we are and where we are. At times, we become so well-entrenched in that seemingly stable situation, that it begins to suck away our life-blood. This however, only works well for a while. Eventually, we have to roll out of the situation and grow, because life means expansion, growth and movement. Stagnation defines death and decay!

When we are not well trained to move with the times, we can become dependent on the thought of someone else coming to rescue us from our quagmire. We waste precious time while we wait for the right person or the right moment to come along to begin taking the first steps towards initiating the necessary changes.

No body can do our work for us! No one is responsible for us or will magically appear to care of our personal growth, our lives and be responsible for all the changes we need to make.

Change is often driven by pain; the pain of not being able to support the same old, same old, same old situation anymore. One reaches a tipping point or the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back, and decides to inititate change as a reaction.

At times, pleasure incites change too — the pull of a reward, a desire for something more, something better, something pleasurable and pleasant.

People do not change until their desire to change becomes greater than their desire to maintain the Status Quo. Then one wishes to step out of the routine humdrum and create something new, rise from the indifference and the apathy and feel the vibrance of being alive.

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

We must take complete and full responsibility for each and every aspect of our life. Being responsible, makes us the ones in charge and brings about empowerment. We are no longer dependent on anyone else to bring about changes. No more waiting for Godot!

All change is growth and progress, even when it does not look or feel like it. It is the opposite of stagnation and decay.

Who or what are you waiting for to initiate the changes you want in your life?