A case for your self-identity

How do you define yourself?

Who are you?

Is it true that you are who you think you are?

Would you like to be more than you are right now?

Your concept of self Identity not only defines who you are, it becomes concretised as your living reality.

Identity is one of the strongest drivers in our life, it will either empower us to make great progress or it will become the biggest obstacle to our success. People will subconsciously live up to the values they identify with, to who they believe themselves to be.

Some of us carry on our old self-identities, long after we have outgrown them, and this keeps us in the loop of repeating patterns of thought and behaviour which no longer serve us and then we wonder why we cannot move forward in life!

Image by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

It is important to slow down, perhaps stop a while and take stock. Look once again at the questions given above. What are you identifying yourself as?

If you are carrying forward the identity of failure, of being a poor person, of someone who always has a million problems, because that may have been true for you once, that is what you will continue to get. Believe it or not, you are creating it for yourself!

If you think of yourself as a successful and prosperous person, then that is what you yourself will support and create in your life. If you think of yourself as a capable person, ready to handle anything smoothly, that is what you will be capable of doing in life.

We are not fixed and immutable creatures, we are always moving, dynamic and changing. It is up to us to move and change in a repeat pattern or move and change in a progressive growth pattern.

What old identities or definitions of yourself do you need to discard or upgrade?

What new and powerful identities do you want to create for yourself?

What is stopping you?



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Tina Saxena

On the joyful, slow and leisurely track, exploring life in its myriads of facets and nuances, dipping into the latest human psychology and ancient scriptures!