Practising the pause can make a world of a difference in our lives. It allows us to take the time and the space to breathe, observe rather than react automatically, reflect, stay in our calm, relax the building tensions, unclench our tight muscles, allow our body’s metabolic response to relax…

Our brain usually communicates utilising imagery. It also does not seem to understand the word no or any kind of negatives when added to the said imagery. Therefore, when I say, ‘Do not think about your kitchen’, it is likely that the image of your kitchen will be brought into…

Identity is defined as ’who we are’. Our identity makes us individuals and each of us is unique just like a snowflake! Identity is also amongst the strongest driving factors of behaviours. It is also closely linked to the values we hold as important.

What we often mistakenly exchange for…

We are the operating power in our lives.

Neville Goddard, the great American mystic, always spoke about how we are the only operant power.

Nothing has any power or even any life except for what we breathe into it.

Love, abundance, prosperity, great health, joy, bliss, fitness, energy etc. …

How do you define yourself?

Who are you?

Is it true that you are who you think you are?

Would you like to be more than you are right now?

Your concept of self Identity not only defines who you are, it becomes concretised as your living reality.

Identity is…

Pearls are born out of discomfort when a parasite lodged inside the shell needs to be coated with secretions of nacre over years which harden into the beautiful opalescence of pearls. As oysters age, they typically produce better and better pearls. Practice leading to experience!

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

It is also well-known that…

Have you ever missed an *important* appointment?

Did you forget to do something, you had said you would and as a consequence let someone down?

Have you failed to maintain a promise?

If yes, how did you feel in the above situations? What did you say to yourself? …

You can find yourself little beyond Square One, even if you have been through many courses, read a good number of great books on Personal Development, been a part of multiple groups, attended various seminars etc.

You can find yourself more or less with the problems and issues as if…

Marble bust of Marcus Aurelius (Image Credit Wes Hill on Flickr)

Here are a few tips for your evening routine, culled from ideas attributed to the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The wisdom that comes from centuries of Human Consciousness is always relevant to our wellbeing.

Marcus penned down his autobiographical writings known as ‘The Meditations’, a source of great wisdom based…

Tina Saxena

On the joyful, slow and leisurely track, exploring life in its myriads of facets and nuances, dipping into the latest human psychology and ancient scriptures!

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